Now you have all you need for your party guests transportation! There is no need to worry about looking for cabs to pick up your guests to the party venue. With our 20-passenger Ford Limo Bus, you can have all your party guests in a single luxurious ride. And we assure you, they will thank you for it. Our elegant, stylish, and comfortable Ford Limo bus comes with enough leg room space for up to 20 passengers. There is also luggage space that can take up to seven luggages. You can trust us to provide you with world class party bus rental Long Island that will meet your transportation needs. Whether it is your bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding party guests’ transportation, and bridal train and groomsmen transportation, our 20-passenger Ford limo bus will be the ideal choice.

Limo Service in Long Island NY

Your wedding event is well covered with our unique service. Wherever your party is taking place, our chauffeur will ensure you get there in style. There is nothing as classy and exciting as riding in a luxurious limo to an event. And when it comes to your event, we are always on our toes to give you a bespoke experience. Our party bus rental Long Island Nassau County is designed to give you utmost comfort and luxury. The 20-passenger Ford limo bus comes with amazing features that give you full entertainment as you ride to your destination. Some top class features you can expect to explore in the luxurious Limo Service in Long Island NY include satellite TV, custom sound system, DVD, TV, LED color changing effects, luxurious interior and exterior design, as well as comfortable seats. Our all inclusive limo party bus will surely take the stress of your party.

Cheap Limo Service Long Island

You don’t have to worry about cost when it comes to our service. We provide high quality but affordable limo that is comparable to none other. You can choose to enjoy our Long Island Limo hourly rate for your special event. This package allows you to pay according the number of hours you ride with us. So if you spend five hours in our limo, you pay exactly for the number of hours and not the full day. This is definitely a good deal.

Luxury Car Service Long Island

We understand your need to make a statement on your special day. You have nothing to worry about. Our luxury car service Long Island is readily available at your service. We have a wide range of fleet you can choose from and depending on the number of people you have to travel with, we will make the perfect recommendation for you. You can entrust your party bus rental Long Island to us and expect a seamless transportation service.

Hire Party Bus Rental NYC

For every of your pre-wedding event, wedding event, and post wedding event, you can rely on us to provide you with the best limo service Long Island. For your honeymoon airport transportation, you can trust us to provide you with an exquisite airport limo service Long Island that will take you to your desired airport in style. Whatever transportation needs you have, contact us and let us make it happen in grand style.